The pictorial wave of Sergio Zampieri takes us directly into the concrete.Above the labelling,style and other the work of Zampieri tells us about life in its fullest.
The vehemence of his intense atmosphere of colour speaks the language of passion and the echo invades our attention.
It is not a desperate language,somber,but the liveliness of colours,the sotness of the exotic figures announce a positive message of hope.
It is as if the work was taking the reins of emotion and driving them into the positive direction.The direction of the desire to live.
Above the purely technical aspect the art of Sergio Zampieri is in fact accentuated by the desire to live which,as a thread of Arianna,accompanies us towards the more profound message of the artist.
His painting has value essentially in the representation of a sensuality and of a spirituality harmoniously fuse in a language that does not permit dispersion as every element is necessary and participates in the composition gratifying the eye as well as the mind.
Art Editor

La Vostra Arte

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Carla Colombo

Skilled in the composition of design,in the perspective and in the versatility,Sergio Zampieri reveals himself as a fine yet intense artist released by a contemporary style and scheme.
His paintings from the first moment,introduce in a densely suggestive atmosphere where color and image fuse in an equilibrium of spectacular elegance.
The absolute mystery of an Africa sunset,the majestic silence of a Venetian dawn or the blazing explosion of blooming foliage.Splendid unalterable symbols of vital strength,careful of the chanted rhythm of nature projected in a coherent conception of space that seems to cancel the passage of time.
The creative talent of Sergio Zampieri,known and appreciated in both the United States as well as Europe,will not delay in spreading to other parts of the world provoking the success and admiration which it undoubtedly deserves.
Journalist - Writer